Tips To Make Cleaning Your Gun Easier And Neater

front view of 16 ounce bottle of gun cleaner with trigger sprayer

A day out shooting is always fun, but after being out in the field, many gun enthusiasts put off cleaning their weapons. The real secret to making gun cleaning slightly more enjoyable is to do it in an organized manner. Below are some helpful tips to make your next gun cleaning as easy as possible. Finding Things Is Half…


Ultra Gun Lube is a Great Product

Ultra Gun Lube in a one ounce jar with a screw-on cap.

Here is an unsolicited email that I got the other day. Stays where you put it and does not melt. Very little goes a long way, no cons to this grease that I can find. I have tried other Weapons Grease, all have melted when the out side ambient temp goes up. This stuff stays where you put it…