Extreme Gun Lube 1 ounce

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Extreme Gun Lube


Gun-Werkz now offers a gun grease that goes beyond what you have been using.
This is a Mil-Spec grease that offers a temperature range from -65 degrees
all the way up to +1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

This grease is an aluminum complex based compound that is composed entirely of ingredients
that meet NSF/FDA requirements and protects metal parts from seizure, galling, rust,
corrosion and heat breeze by tenaciously adhering to the metal surface.

**FREE**Comes with 5 small brushes**FREE**

  • stays put in the most demanding situations.
  • highly water resistant
  • salt water resistant
  • non staining
  • prevents rust and corrosion
  • aids in assembly/ disassembly
  • odorless
  • tasteless
  • food grade

Sold in a one ounce jar for ease of application with a small brush or low lint cotton swabs.