30 Piece Gun Cleaning Kit with Free Brush

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Gun-Werkz 30 Piece Cleaning Kit Combo w/free cleaning brush

Great starter kit.28 pc. brush kit with 4 oz. Gun-Werkz Cleaner/Solvent and 1 oz. Ultra Gun Oil


This 30 Piece Gun Cleaning Kit-Makes a great starter kit! Includes 4 oz. Gun-Werkz cleaner/solvent and 1 oz. Ultra Gun Oil

  • Free nylon double ended cleaning brush with each kit ordered
  • Brushes for 10/12 ga., 20/28 ga., 410, 45 cal., 40 cal., 357/38/9mm, 17 cal., 30 cal., 270/280 cal., 22 cal.
  • Cleaning mops-10/12 ga., 20/28 ga., 410, 357/38/9mm, 22 cal., pistol/rifle rods, shotgun rods, 2-brass acc. adapters, 2- slotted tips, shotgun handle, pistol/rifle handle, cleaning patches.
  • Some sell this kit as a 78 piece if you count the 50 patches. I won't list it that way!