Gun-Werkz cleaning supplies will make your job of cleaning your firearms much easier.  We offer quality products at a reasonable price.  Our Cotton Swabs are of a low lint design so as one customer put it, "you won't leave a sweater behind" when using our cotton swabs.  The micro-fiber towels that we offer are the finest quality that we can find and work extremely well with our Gun-Werkz Cleaner as well as with our Ultra Gun Oil

The Cleaning Brushes make cleaning your firearm easy whether you are using the NylonBrass or Stainless Steel brush.  For getting into those hard to reach places, try our nylon picks.  They are designed to get into the delicate areas without scratching. 

Our Gun Cleaning Kits are a great addition to your arsenal of cleaning supplies as it has the brush sizes for most of the common sizes of fire-arms


This is better than most products I have used. 

  I like it because it is biodegradable and I would recommend this product to others.

James Sofchek

Mooresville, NC.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product...  

Nothing can compare.

Chris Warwick

Banning, CA.

P.S. My wife even lets me clean my guns inside the house now!

I can’t believe how clean my guns are.

...there are no harsh chemicals in it. Thank you for a great product.

Ray Cruz

CRUZIN’ Computer Services

Cypress, CA


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