works so well.

Three words......

“Small Molecular Structure”

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WhyGun-Werkz®works so well.

Three words...... “Small Molecular Structure”

     GunWerkz is such a good solvent/cleaner because it is a uniform molecule. The carbon and hydrogen part of the molecule is nonpolar, which will dissolve all of the oils and residue in your weapon.

     Being a very uniform chemical composition and a simple molecular shape, it allows for the carbon to dissolve more quickly and be washed away. The simpler the molecular shape, the easier it is to break the bonds of the carbon atom, which is more complex.

     Think of it this way, carbon buildup in the barrel of your gun acts like a sponge. The molecules in GunWerkz does not evaporate like other products do, so it keeps on working long after other products have dissipated. Cleaning your firearms has never been easier, and you will use less product as well.

    GunWerkz also makes a great rust preventative since the evaporation rate is virtually nonexistent. Once it breaks up the carbon and the carbon is flushed out, just a fine misting is all it takes for the small molecules of GunWerkz to penetrate the pores of the metal. Its unique molecular structure is also a natural corrosion inhibitor not found in any other gun cleaner.

     I know that you will agree GunWerkz is an amazing product! How can it clean so well you ask? Three words-"Small Molecular Structure".

This is better than most products I have used. 

  I like it because it is biodegradable and I would recommend this product to others.

James Sofchek

Mooresville, NC.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product...  

Nothing can compare.

Chris Warwick

Banning, CA.

P.S. My wife even lets me clean my guns inside the house now!

I can’t believe how clean my guns are.

...there are no harsh chemicals in it. Thank you for a great product.

Ray Cruz

CRUZIN’ Computer Services

Cypress, CA


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