Gun Cleaner-16 ounce Gun-Werkz Non Toxic Gun Cleaning Fluid/Solvent

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Gun Cleaner

  • Efficiently removes the toughest carbon and lead fouling with ease.
  •  Gun-Werkz® is safe for use on all firearms and finishes.
  •  It is non-flammable, non-toxic, and the formula is environmentally safe.
  •  Penetrates the imperfections of the surface metal to loosen and lift out layers of burnt-in residue without etching the metal.
  •  Helps prevent rust, quick, super-efficient, safe, easy to use and penetrates rapidly.
  •  Great for rifle barrels, bolt faces, flash suppressors, compensators, silencers, chamber throats, revolver cylinders, gas pistons.
  •  Works great on Black Powder.
  •  No obnoxious odor.
    For use on corrosive and non corrosive ammo.  Won’t gum up your guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, shot guns, black powder guns, tactical guns, handguns, concealed carry guns, hunting guns, hunting rifles.  Cleans your AR-15, AR-10, 1911, 38 special, 45, M1 Garrand, 9mm, 223, 308 and all other firearms.