Basic Gun Cleaning KIt

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Gun-Werkz Basic Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Includes 4 oz. Gun-Werkz Biodegradable Cleaning Fluid, 1 oz. Gun-Werkz Ultra Gun Oil.
  • Gun-Werkz products are safe for use on all firearms and finishes.
  • This is a great starter kit or an extra kit for out in the field.
  • The cleaner and the oil are non-flammable, non-toxic and the formulas are environmentally safe.
  • We have added rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as anti-wear additives to the oil.
  • Helps prevent rust, quick, super efficient, safe, easy to use, cleans and lubricates rapidly.
  • Double ended nylon brush is great for getting to that stubborn build-up.
  • Cotton swabs are a low lint design so you don't have to clean up the cotton lint like with other cotton swabs.
  • Includes 3 high quality soft micro-fiber towels so you don't risk scratching your firearms.
  • No obnoxious odor. You may even be able to clean your guns at the breakfast table!

    For use on your guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, shot guns, black powder guns, tactical guns, handguns, concealed carry guns, hunting guns, hunting rifles.  Cleans your 1911, 38 special, 45, M1 Garrand, 9mm, 223, 308 and all other firearms.