My handgun barrels have never been so clean before!

Posted by Daniel M on

I've proven to myself that I am capable of jumping on the bandwagon of the newest, greatest gun care products. Sometimes the bandwagon goes off track and crashes. I have used and regretted several gun care products that gummed up my handguns, making them undependable. FrogLube, TrackLube, and Seal1 are all the same product, although differently colored. They will all gum up the tight tolerances of modern handguns. Even if you clean and lube your firearm according to their instructions, those same handguns will gum up just by leaving them alone for a few months. What gets rid of those other products and returns those sticky handguns to normal, flawless functioning? GunWerkz gun cleaner returned functional reliability of each weapon. GunWerkz cleaned the bores better than any other solvent I've used, including Hoppe's 9. I usually spend a lot of time cleaning the forcing cone area of my stainless revolvers as well as the front of the stainless cylinders. This cleaner worked better at this task than any other solvent I've used before. It's amazing stuff. It's difficult to use superlatives when describing a gun care brand since I've been so wrong in the past. I'm going out on the limb and calling GunWerkz a winner!

Thanks, Eric Z.