As I sit here cleaning my .38 special, I dip the bronze bristle brush in Gun-Werkz and run down the barrel.  Since I just put 300+ rounds thru it at the range, it was a bit dirty as I looked down the barrel with the light reflecting off the inside.  I could see that just running the patch thru it wasn't going to be enough. 

The bristle brush did a fine job of loosening and getting out the majority of the carbon and all that was left was to finish up the barrel with the standard patches.  I never did enjoy this part with the patches as it is time consuming and having to keep changing out the patches on the end of the cleaning rod.  When you have big fingers like me and sometimes they don't work all that well, it can become frustrating.

My friend happened to come over while I was in the midst of all this and told me about a new cleaning patch that he came across in a magazine ad.  Told me that he will never use patches again.  Went on the internet to look for them and found out that a local outdoors store stocks them.  Called them up and they had the size I needed in stock.  Wrapped up the .38, put it in the safe and headed over to the store to buy "the new way to clean your gun".  The Swab its Bore Tips are a little pricey compared to the standard patches but you need to understand the difference between price and cost.  What I mean by this is after using them (washable and reusable) for a while, they just last and last.  And the best part is how nice of a job they do as compared to patches.  So in the long run they cost less in terms of not only the time you save and the better job they do, you don't end up with a trash can full of patches.  Check them out on my storefront and buy a package, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  The only thing you have to be careful of is to not drop your cleaning rod. I know, I did, the end broke off.  With that being said, I will never use patches again!


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