Fett Affen Technologies introduces a revolutionary firearms cleaner that not only is safe for you and the environment but cleans your firearms incredibly well. Our proprietary formulation is non-toxic, non flammable, biodegradable, will not stink up the house, is easy on your skin (we still recommend using gloves) and is so tough on carbon that black powder enthusiasts are impressed with how well it cleans their firearms.

Oneof the many benefits of our gun cleaner is that it does not evaporate like a lot of the other solvent based cleaners do. So if you do not have the time to clean your gun after a hard day at the range or out in the great outdoors, just mist the outside (be sure to wipe off any that gets on any wood finish) and run a patch soaked in Gun-Werkz down the barrel and put it away until you have the time to break down your firearm and have the time to do a thorough cleaning.

While the other solvents end up evaporating and leaving the buildup in a hardened state, ours keeps working on the buildup making cleaning that much easier.  In testing how long it stays on your gun, we soaked a Smith & Wesson 38 special in a bucket of Gun-Werkz for two weeks, hung it up under a carport (in the weather but protected) for two more weeks and the gun still had a light coating of Gun-Werkz on it.  All with no evidence of rust!   Buy some today and see for yourself!


For use on corrosive and non corrosive ammunition. Won’t gum up your guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, shot guns, black powder guns, tactical guns, handguns, concealed carry guns, hunting guns, hunting rifles. Cleans your AR-15, AR-10, 1911, 38 special, Colt 45, M1 Garrand, 9mm, 223, 308 and all other firearms.


Safe to use on your Browning, Ruger, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, Stag Arms, Kimber, Remington, Sig Sauer, Mossberg, Taurus, Savage, Henry, Sako, CZ, Kel-Tec, H&K, Kahr, FNH, SKS, Husqvarna, Chiappa, Springfield, Franchi, Berreta, Benneli, Perazzi, Mauser, Panther, Marlin and many more.



Do not ingest. Do not let sit or soak on wood finishes. Do not use on rubber, such as o-rings.