Choosing The Best Gun To Defend Your Home

julia holding shotgun

If you are thinking about getting a gun for home defense, then now is the time to do your research and find the right one for you. While it is unpleasant to think about, it may be necessary to protect you or your home against a potential attack or lethal confrontation. It is vital for you to secure your home from burglaries, riots, and other potential threats. There are many different types of guns to choose from, but before you buy one you need to consider the following:

• What you are comfortable shooting
• The size of your home and the community you live in
• Potential bullet penetration risk
• What targets you intend to use it on
• The weight of the gun

Always choose a gun that meets your specific needs. A poor choice of weapon may make you sacrifice the defense of you and your family when in danger. The purpose of self-defense is to stop an attack on your home, office, or place of work.

Shotguns are the most popular home defense choice. This is because:

• They are affordable
• They are easy to use
• Shotguns require less technical skills to use
• They have less over-penetration risks to unplanned areas
• Its loud sounds will scare away intruders
• They work well in low light conditions

There are many types of shotguns to choose from, such as the Mossberg 500 Series, Remington 870, Benelli M3, or the Maverick 88. When buying a shotgun you need to consider the fit, ease of use and the shotgun shell choice you intend to use for home defense.

A pistol is very portable and can be easily hidden in any place in your home. The advantage of a pistol comes from its ease of use and the ability to shoot fast. A pistol should fit well in the palm of your hand which makes it easier to handle too. Consider adding laser sights, or red dot sights which allow you to track a potential intruder in dim light or to focus on a moving target. Common home defense pistols include 9MM, .45, 380 or a .38 caliber. While experts have varying opinions on the pros and cons of each type, your choice should be primarily dependent upon your comfort and ability to properly handle your pistol.

Does Ammo Choice Matter?
Weapon choice certainly matters, but you also need to consider the ammo you use and its effectiveness. Ammo choice is also important when you want to avoid over penetration, or excess damage to properties that are close by. The type of bullet such as slugs, hollow points or full metal jacket all have different trajectories and features that can be beneficial for home defense. Also consider the type and amount of powder which can affect the stopping power that your chosen ammo can provide. If you are uncertain as to what type of ammo to purchase, ask your gun dealer to help you select the right one for home defense.

Securing your home could potentially be the most important thing you do for your family. No one wants a break-in to occur, however, it’s imperative to be ready for anything. Before you buy a gun do your research to determine the right type of gun you need. Be sure to choose a gun that you are comfortable handling and shooting. Also, remember to check on the type of ammunition you need to keep your home safe.