Benefits Of Using a Quality Gun Cleaner

front view of 16 ounce bottle of gun cleaner with trigger sprayer

Gun owners understand the importance of keeping a gun clean. The schlepp of cleaning a gun is not something anyone enjoys, but it’s an essential part of staying safe and avoiding risks like an incomplete discharge, an ejection problem, or a jam. Also, cleaning a gun ensures the gun keeps its accuracy and prolongs its overall lifespan.

Different types of gun cleaning solvents have varying active ingredients. Ultimately, they all attempt to have the same goal of dissolving fouling. Fouling is the residue that gets built up every time a gun fires and can consist of several different contaminants such as carbon, copper, or lead. You could spend hours scrubbing the bore and not completely clear the residue. If you’re using the wrong solvent, you could be wasting your time and effort. That’s why choosing a good quality gun cleaner is so essential.

The Advantage of Using a Better Gun Cleaner
A quality gun cleaner will reduce the time it takes to clean a firearm properly because it dissolves and removes residue quickly. Quality solvents leave a coating that protects the gun from dirt and corrosion and makes future cleanings easier too. Quality solvents are safe to handle and not harmful to your skin. Low-quality cleaners can be excessively caustic and strip layers of skin. The higher the quality gun cleaner, the longer-lasting the results and the safer the firearm.

Components of a Quality Gun Cleaner Kit
Gun Solvent
Gun-Werkz gun cleaner is a quality product designed with a small molecular structure to cut through fouling quickly and effectively. It has a low evaporation rate which means you’ll use less product and get outstanding results. The solvent not only removes carbon buildup but also leaves a protective layer that conditions all the metal parts. It’s non-flammable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.
Gun Oil
Gun oil keeps your firearm in good condition. A good quality gun oil increases the longevity of your firearm. Gun-Werkz gun oil is a high-quality lubricant and conditioner that inhibits rust and corrosion. It’s safe to use on all guns and all finishes.
Bore Brush
Gun-Werkz BoreViper is a revolutionary pull cord bore cleaner that cleans quicker than a traditional bore rod. A single pull can loosen any hard fouling and clean the barrel thoroughly. Crafted from a series of built-in brushes, BoreViper works together with the Gun-Werkz gun cleaner to easily remove loose grit and debris. BoreViper is available for shotguns, rifles, pistols. It’s washable and therefore reusable hundreds of times.

Gun cleaners are known for having a particularly foul smell and some have an odor that lingers around for days. Most firearm owners will revert to cleaning their guns outdoors to avoid smelling up the house. Gun-Werkz gun cleaning products have little to no odor and can be used safely indoors.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low odor, portable, and environmentally safe gun cleaning kit, consider a kit from Gun-Werkz. A clean gun is a safe and reliable gun.