Ultra Gun Lube is a Great Product

Ultra Gun Lube in a one ounce jar with a screw-on cap.

Here is an unsolicited email that I got the other day.

Stays where you put it and does not melt. Very little goes a long way, no cons to this grease that I can find. I have tried other Weapons Grease, all have melted when the out side ambient temp goes up. This stuff stays where you put it and does not melt at all. All the guns I have tried this on so far run smoother than they did with other grease products. Easy to put on with the included brushes. Don’t need much, very little grease works good. I have seen some people glob other types of grease on there weapons, this stuff is great!! Hands down the best I have tried so far and will continue to use this. The 1oz jar goes a lot further then you would think. 4 hand guns, 6 long guns from semi-auto to shotguns. I have barely made a dent in the jar. Highly recommend this to everyone that’s a smooth fast action in their weapons!!!